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As a person ages, mobility becomes more and more of a challenge. Joints might suffer from degenerative problems like osteoporosis and arthritis, which results in pain when the senior tries to move about. Simple daily activities are no longer easy to do. Even things like getting in and out of a bathtub can present difficulties. For seniors and the disabled who have problems with mobility, does this mean that they can no longer enjoy their independence and will always need someone to be their crutch? Not at all. Modern mobility products make it possible for seniors to regain their independence and enjoy life once again. There are various kinds of shower and bath mobility products that will make bath time less of a struggle and more enjoyable.

What are mobility devices?

Mobility devices for the shower and tub modify the way a common activity is done so that the user can do their daily activities as independently as possible. In the bathroom, traditional fixtures can be replaced or supplemented with these products so seniors can take a shower or bath safely and independently. Why is this so important?

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For one thing, being able to take a shower or bath independently helps the elderly and the disabled feel more confident about themselves. Losing the physical ability to do something simple can be very discouraging to an individual. This is one of main reasons why so many seniors suffer from depression. Having the need to constantly rely on someone for a simple thing like taking a bath can be humiliating. Fitting the bathroom with products that can provide independence for the senior can help the individual feel better about himself.

Safety & Accessibility For Your Loves Ones

Mobility products also improve safety. Seniors are vulnerable to injuries resulting from falls. The bathroom has a hard floor and porcelain fixtures. Surfaces are very slippery when wet. Seniors often have a problem with balance and stability. If a person slips and falls, he can hit his body or head against one of these hard surfaces and be seriously injured. Mobility products for the bath takes these risks out of the bathing experience.

Mobility enhancements for the shower or bath can also increase the enjoyment of the experience. Different types of products can increase the comfort of the individual when he is taking a shower or a bath. This can soothe the body and mind and promote overall health. What types of bath and shower mobility products are available?

Some products can help the senior get in and out of the tub easier. A lift for the bath is one of these products. It is installed in the tub, and it can lower or raise the individual in and out of the tub. The mechanics are similar to that of a stairlift, only a bathlift sits in the bathtub.


Products that provide hydrotherapy can greatly enhance an individual’s bathing experience, especially for the elderly. Products that have whirlpool jets can give an individual a soothing massage for sore muscles. Jets can deliver streams of a combination of water and air for gentle pampering.

Walk-Ins Tubs & Showers

Walk-in tubs are increasing in popularity. The design of the tub enables the senior to get inside the tub without climbing over the edge of a traditional tub. The front of a walk-in tub has a door that allows the senior to just step in. The tub has contoured seating where the senior can position himself comfortably. Some offer heated seats for added comfort. The tub is equipped with full controls of water and heat so that the senior can fill the tub to the desired level with water at the desired temperature. Whirlpool jets can be part of the design for the ultimate spa experience.

Shower chairs allow the individual to sit comfortably while taking a shower. The chair can be placed partially in the shower so the individual can slide in and out of the shower without having to get up first.

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Devices can be fitted to taps so that they can be turned easier. These are specially designed for those who have a weak grip. With these enhancements, the senior can have more leverage when trying to turn the water tap on and off.

These are just a few examples of the types of shower and bath mobility products available on the market. Adding these to the bathroom can greatly enhance the quality of life of the elderly and the disabled.

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