Hydrotherapy bath tub

Hydrotherapy Bath Tubs & Showers

When you’re disabled or have other mobility issues, the simplest tasks become epic feats. Something as simple as getting out of bed and making breakfast can be potentially life-threatening, or at the very least difficult enough that it may be your activity for the day.

This is upsetting enough when it’s just a simple task. When it’s something like bathing yourself, it’s not just upsetting. It’s degrading and infuriating. Which is why so many companies and manufacturers are making hydrotherapy and disabled bathtubs these days. However, you may not realize how much easier such a tub can make your life when you buy and install a quality product.

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Stand Up Showers

These are exactly what they sound like. They’re the traditional stall or closet sized shower, intended only for standing. However, some of the larger styles are great for the handicapped and disabled.

Why? Because they can easily be fitted with hand railings. The benefits of this are obvious, but they don’t stop there. Stand up showers are also great for shower seats. These allow you to sit down and rest as you clean yourself. For those without the use of their legs, this is an absolute necessity for cleaning yourself.

The detachable shower heads can also be quite helpful. Instead of having to maneuver your body in order to get clean, you can simply maneuver the shower head. This allows you to expend less energy, as well as keep yourself stable and thus safer.

Whirlpool Tubs

These are your basic “hot tub” like bathtubs. The way these bathtubs can help soothe muscles and joint pain is already well known. However, they can also help in other ways. Just the therapeutic effect of breathing in the steam can be great for mental health, and the fact that the water is constantly moving helps get dirt and grime off of your body if you can’t manage to do as good a job on your own.

Hydrotherapy For The Elderly

Hydrotherapy is a fancy term for using water for therapeutic purposes. There are a number of ways to do this, but for the elderly, there are some specific concerns. With muscle strength and hand-eye coordination beginning to degrade, it’s important to ensure you can safely get into and out of the tub. It’s also important to ensure you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling.

Hydrotherapy tubs can help with that. They almost always come with hand railings and gripping floors, but you can also quite easily get tubs and stand-up showers with hand railings and seats. It’s also a good idea to get a larger tub or shower, giving you more room to maneuver if you choose to purchase a shower seat.

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Hydrotherapy For The Disabled

Depending on the exact nature of your disability, you could need a number of different things. Certain mental illnesses can make taking a shower difficult; you simply can’t muster the energy or the focus to properly clean yourself. Whirlpool tubs, with the proper water jets, can help with that. It won’t clean your body as well as soap, but the jets can help rub dirt and grime off your body a bit easier.

In addition, a shower seat can help with both physical and mental disability. You won’t have to stand, so you don’t have to expend as much energy. Plus, showers with detachable heads make it so that you can clean your entire body much easier. This makes it helpful for both the physically and the mentally disabled.

Overall Things To Look For in Hydrotherapy

Purchasing or Buying

When you’re considering getting a tub or shower for yourself, the first thing you must consider is your own needs. A steam shower might be better for you than the traditional spray shower. It might not get you as clean, but it could help mitigate any muscle or skin pain caused by water hitting your body at a high speed.

Or maybe you don’t need a shower seat, but a railing is helpful. Or the other way around, you can stand just fine but you want a railing for support when you get into the shower or tub.

Finding Sales – Review Cost & Prices

There are a number of different kinds of hydrotherapy bathtubs and showers on the market on 321 Mobility. You deserve to get one that will help you bathe yourself and give you the ability to care for yourself all on your own. Make sure you check for positive reviews from the seller and the manufacturer and cross-check pricing for sales and different installation packages. Many hydrotherapy installers offer financing to make the product more affordable.

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